Maple Grove CodeRED

City of Maple Grove CodeREDRegistering for CodeRED is quick and easy by visiting CodeRED online.

The City of Maple Grove uses the CodeRED community notification system to send mass notifications by phone, email, and text to keep citizens informed during time critical events.

There is no charge to register and receive CodeRED messages and personal information is kept confidential.

CodeRED is compatible with TDD/TTY devices for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Identify CodeRED phone numbers

When receiving alerts, CodeRED call ID numbers may appear as one of the following:

  • 866-419-5000 Emergency Notification
  • 855-969-4636 General Alerts

Community notifications when away from home

The CodeRED Mobile Alert app delivers community and emergency alerts to individuals within any impacted geographical area that uses CodeRED community notification. This allows you to receive timely notification when you're on the road, away from home. The CodeRED Mobile Alert app is free and available for Android and iPhone users. Learn more at CodeRED Mobile Alert App.

Register if you want alerts

Federal Communications Commission prohibits CodeRED from calling cell phones except when the user is opts-in to receive notifications when the user opts-in to receive notifications. Maple Grove residents and business owners who only use cell phones should register their cell phone number with CodeRED to ensure they receive notifications.

Tiers of notification

There are three tiers of CodeRED notification:

  1. Tier 1 - Emergency calls
  2. Tier 2 - General alerts
  3. Tier 3 - Community messages
  • These are the highest level of messages sent by the City of Maple Grove.
  • This will only be used by City staff for emergencies and hopefully only a few times each year.
  • These messages go to everyone, but can be scaled back geographically by geofencing.
  • Examples include:
    • 911 Telephone Outage
    • Attacks in Public Places
    • Chemical Emergencies
    • Civil Unrest