23-01 Buena Vista Terrace & Eagle Lake Trails Area

Project updates

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Email the project coordinator with your address if you have:

  • Irrigation lines
  • Invisible pet fence
  • Plans to widen your driveway


Project work continues along 65th Place. The plan is to turn down Deerwood Lane with the watermain and storm sewer. Installation of the watermain is first, and then work from Balsam back up Deerwood with the storm sewer installation. Access and roadway conditions for Deerwood the next couple of weeks will be challenging. 

The contractor has another crew onsite building the roadway section. This includes cutting out about 2 feet of material and then filling it back in with fabric, sand, and class 5 gravel. This has already been completed near the entrance to Hemlock on 65th Ave and is continuing down 65th Place to Deerwood. This will make the road much easier to drive on and is in preparation for curb and gutter to come soon. 

With the possibility of rain and thunderstorms the rest of the week, there is potential for some delays and poor road conditions. Clay soils make road maintenance difficult, especially during rain. The contractor continues work to maintain good conditions as much as possible. 

Routine inspections of the roadways are done to note trouble spots and provide remedies. If there are issues over the weekend, please reach out and staff will work to address them as soon as possible.  


23-01 Project phases map (PDF)
23-01 Project location map (PDF)

Letters to residents

4-18-23 Upcoming street reconstruction (PDF)
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