2023 playground replacement

Each year the Parks and Recreation Department replaces older playground equipment with fresh new designs and added play features. This fall four playgrounds throughout the city will be replaced.

  1. Lakeview Knolls Park 
     9391 Fernbrook Ln N

    The playground at Lakeview Knolls Park features a 5-12 and 2-5 structures. The 2-5 structure offers the youngest playground user an age appropriate climbing and sliding opportunity and is accompanied by a spinner and spring rider in close proximity. The 5-12 structure is packed full of climbing, balance and sliding options that allows the park user a variety of use options. The main 5-12 structure also includes two integrated shades to provide comfort on those hot summer days. The play space is completed with spinners, seesaw, spring rider and swings.   
    Lakeview Knolls 1
    Lakeview Knolls 2
    Lakeview Knolls 3
    Lakeview Knolls 4
  2. Fish Lake Woods Park
     7510 Berkshire Way

    The playground design at Fish Lake Woods Park features 10’ PlayOdyssey Tower that has not one but two 10’ slides, a 48” double slide for the younger parks users and play panels for imaginative play. The tower is accessible through a traditional transfer station/stairs or one of three additional climbers. Independent components and a balance circuit are play functionally linked to the main structure giving the user play options without every touching the ground.
    Fish Lake Woods 1
    Fish Lake Woods 2
    Fish Lake Woods 3
    Fish Lake Woods 4
  3. Forestview Ponds Park
     9742 Hemlock Ln N

    The playground at Forestview Ponds Park features a traditional playground packed with climbing, slides, balance circuit, spinning and upper body components that are play functionally linked together to give the user multiple ways to use it without ever having to touch the ground. The main structure also includes two integrated shades to provide comfort on those hot summer days. The play space is completed with independent music components, spinner and swings.
    Forestview Ponds 1
    Forestview Ponds 2
    Forestview Ponds 3
    Forestview Ponds 4
  4. Goldenrod Marsh Park
     7777 West Fish Lake Road

    The playground at Goldenrod Marsh Park features the Smart Play Venti® which packs 20 exciting activities into its compact size. Nets, slides, belts and climbers provide lots of fun and challenges that promote physical development and strategic thinking, while also creating hangouts where kids can take a break and connect with others. With multiple entry points and plenty of activities for everyone. The playground also includes kid favorite spinners, seesaw and swings.
    Goldenrod Marsh 1
    Goldenrod Marsh 2

    Goldenrod Marsh 3
    Goldenrod Marsh 4
    If you have questions, contact Ben Jaszewski, superintendent of parks and planning, at 763-494-6503, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.